Do you edit your photos?
Nope. I save them to my hard drive, crop them in Picasa, then blog them directly from my web album. I'm terrible at photo editing, and blogging takes long enough to do already.

Why don't you post links to stores or give the names of items?
Because I am lazy. And because you can easily use SL search, or Google, to find what you're looking for. If you really want to know the name of something, you can always ask in the comments. :)

Do you credit everything in your posts?
No, again because I am lazy. I can tell you a few things that never really change. I wear Lara Hurley's Leah skin in Tan. My eyes are mesh eyes from Izzie's. The poses I use are usually from Glitterati, Persona, LAP or Reel Expressions. My eyelashes are either from Cake or Maxi Gossamer. I usually wear makeup tattoos from cheLLe and Tuli. My shape is my own. And I really like my mesh hands from Yabusaka.

What do you do in SL?
I work most of the time. My RL job involves providing customer service for an in-world company. The rest of the time I am either playing with my breedable pets (I have horses and cats), sorting my inventory, or standing around AFK. I don't really socialize in SL, mainly because I keep few friends, and I get my social fix playing other online games.